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Rose Colour Guide
Roses are loved all over the world as the “queen” of flowers and are typically seen as an expression of love.  Roses come in a vast array of colours. each conveying a special message.  Here are the main colours used and the typically accepted messages they convey :
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Red Roses Traditional symbol of love and romance and a way to say “I love you”.  Red roses are especially popular for Valentine’s Day celebrated on the 14th of February each year. Yellow Roses A symbol of joy, friendship and caring. This is the only rose colour that has no romantic meaning behind it and is unlikely to be mistaken as a romantic advance towards a friend. Pink Roses Overall, pink roses symbolise gentleness, elegance, grace, admiration and gratitude. Deep pink roses convey deep gratitude and appreciation. Orange or Salmon Roses Combines the meanings of red and yellow roses and evokes feelings of energy, enthusiasm, desire and excitement. The ideal choice for the early phases of a relationship and also to share your passionate interest and excitement of the relationship. White Roses The colour of purity, charm and innocence. White roses are given to celebrate new beginnings and are traditionally used in weddings and other ceremonial occasions like christenings and graduations. They also signify remembrance and are given to say “I am thinking of you”.  An appropriate choice for someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Lavender Roses Sending lavender roses is a way of pronouncing your “love at first sight”. Black Roses (Actually really dark red) Sending black roses indicates the death of a feeling or idea and signifies the death of a relationship. Peach Roses / Cream Roses Peach or cream roses, separately or combined,  shows appreciation – an elegant way to say “Thank You”. Roses with petals edged in red These roses mean “I am falling in love with you”. Combination of Red and White Means “I love you intensely and my feelings are honourable”. It also signifies unity and sometimes used in weddings. Mixed Colours A mix of different rose colours would convey mixed feelings and send the message “I don’t know what my feelings are yet but I like you enough to send you roses”. Numbers The number of roses sent can also convey a special message, for example :  A single rose of any colour conveys utmost devotion or to say “thank you”.  Two roses entwined together (red and white) communicates “marry me”.  Six red roses signify a need to be loved.  Eleven red roses assures the recipient they are truly and deeply loved.  Thirteen red roses indicates a secret admirer.
Rose Colour Guide